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 Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs have been in search of a live music venue and Dad’s Warehouse is just that. The venue has hosted a variety of local hip hop since it launched on October 26th with its first festival The Exhibition, Dad’s Warehouse hosted a jam-packed line up of local hip hop and musical talent to kick off its new life as a music venue and a record label. 

Dad's Warehouse wants to promote Adelaide's incredible music scene to the rest of Australia and the world. The team behind the warehouse want to see Adelaide's music scene grow and begin to be a city where artists can have opportunities without needing to move away from SA. 

Dad's Warehouse partners with the Sammy D foundation in order to take a stance against youth violence at our events. 

The Warehouse is going to become a coffee roaster for 3 years after our last show on July 10th 2020. The label and work we are doing to book, promote and get the Adelaide music scene recognised will never stop!


Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer and cider from Shifty Lizard, and mixed drinks.

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If you make anyone around you feel uncomfortable or unsafe you will be kicked out. 

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