The Artists

Dad's Warehouse is about finding and promoting new talent, these are the amazing artists who are associated with Dad's Warehouse 


Taylor's beautiful soulful voice has been noticed by people all over Adelaide and Australia. Just one year of releasing music and she has already featured with Adelaide great Claz and has a bunch of new music coming! Taylor's beautiful voice and nature are something you'll want to hear.


Lil HT, is a 17 year old artist born and raised in Adelaide. His recent work has gained attention of big names in the Australian music industry and huge things are on the way for LIL HT! HT has a solid discography on spotify and is working on new revolutionary music with world class producers.

Keep an eye out for HT in your future!


Insane lyricism, and technical flows deem Zain's potential as a star in the Australian hip-hop scene. Only 18 years old and self taught, Zain started writing raps when he was 10 and has only been improving the craft since. Zain's music expresses his troubles with society, and telling you about the world through his eyes.


Ecky Baxta is a 17 year old musician  from Adelaide. His gritty rhymes feel like a new school boombap rap mixed with emo hooks. Ecky's energy and aura is definitely something people are going to notice on our label. His music is currently streaming on Soundcloud, soon to be all services.

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Showcasing Adelaide's best talents.


This kid can get a crowd moving and makes absolute bangers to turn up to!

Also making moves as a videographer with Ethanrip and 14/16

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SleepyMac the Faded Angel

The monstrous one.


17 year old EthanRip also making moves as a videographer and designer with his youtube page 14/16 and clothing company 'Juvinile'. Ethanrip tells you about his fears and tribulations in a way no one else does and he has a style like no other. Keep an eye out


RIYA is a very mysterious figure.

Not much is known about the one they call RIYA. But the music he's creating makes us overly optimistic. His music is streaming on soundcloud and soon to be on all streaming services.